Victim woman writes letter to Karnataka justice in BJP MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi alleged sex CD case.

A woman who accused BJP MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi of sexual exploitation in exchange for a job has sought a SIT probe into the case from the High Court and security for herself.

The victim woman has sent her letter by email to Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Abhay Srinivas. In this, the woman has said, “I am getting threats from Jarkiholi and my life is in danger. In such a case, the court should order the state government for my protection.”
The woman said in her letter, “there is a life threat to me and my family from Ramesh Jarkiholi. We are constantly being pressured to withdraw the case and change the statement. Recently, by putting pressure on my family, a false statement of my kidnapping has also been made available to my father. In such a situation, the safety of my family is important. Along with this, Ramesh Jarkiholi is also trying to influence the investigation of the case. I request the court to get the case investigated by the SIT under your supervision.”

A video of Ramesh Jarakiholi went viral sometime back. In this alleged sex CD, Ramesh was seen with a woman. The woman in this CD has alleged that during her search for a job in Bengaluru, the then minister Ramesh Jarkiholi sexually assaulted her by promising her a government job. Also made the video and harassed him by threatening to make it viral.

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