New variant of Corona Virus hoaxing RT-PCR test: Doctors Report .

The second wave of Corona virus has caused a furore in many states of the country.

This time, corona virus infection is spreading much faster than last year and is making people a victim. In many states, the situation is so frightening that patients in hospitals are unable to even get beds for treatment. Meanwhile, another frightening news has emerged regarding this new variant of Corona virus. Actually, a report by doctors has revealed that in some cases the new variant of the corona virus is also beating the RT-PCR test.

According to the news of the Times of India, a report of doctors in hospitals in Delhi has reported that there have been many cases where they have seen all the symptoms of corona virus infection inside the patient, but the patient’s RT-PCR test Report turns to be negative. According to doctors, this form of corona virus is becoming a major concern for them.

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