“We will continue to protest at the picket site but will not clear the border” : Rakesh Tikait.

The agitation of farmers against agricultural laws continues amid the growing infection of the corona virus epidemic.

Meanwhile, due to Covid-19, the government has urged the farmers several times that the protesters should return to their homes but the farmers are not in a mood to end the agitation under any circumstances. The farmers have made it clear that they would also fight the corona but will not clear the border.

Significantly, the farmers’ movement has been going on since the last week of November last year against the three new agricultural laws of the central government. Even after 150 days, the farmer is not ready to move from his place. The second wave of Corona virus is seen as a macabre, but the farmers are not ready to back down on their demands. Protesters have also started preparations for the fight against the corona virus, a special strategy is being prepared for this.

In view of the fear of Corona’s decision among the farmers, the leader of the Indian Farmers Union, Rakesh Tikait said, “even though the Covid is spreading its legs, the farmers will continue to fight for their rights. Farmers sitting on a dharna for several months will fight Corona in the same way. We will continue to protest at the picket site but will not clear the border.”
Rakesh Tikait further said, “the way the government has issued guidelines to control the spread of Corona is also being followed here. In the first batch, 7000 masks have been ordered which will be distributed to all the farmers here.”

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